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مُساهمةموضوع: Distracters!!!   السبت أغسطس 30, 2008 12:47 am


The faint light of the ancient chandelier
With the brooding intrusion of the chaotic moths,
Threw dark smears on my blank page!
The distant hooting of an owl pierced
The silence of my night.
Its echo resonated in my soul and
Agitated its self-made tranquility,
leaving behind a touch of bitterness!

With an ***** ear but with immobile
Eyes , I continued looking intently
At the blank page to evade the havoc
That tried to eradicate the roots
Of my willpower which I had
Planted so determinedly!

My inner agitation turned
To pain and then I sensed
A bleeding inside me!
Weakness started to seep
Out of the cracks of
my wounded soul!
It flooded my eyes and swept
Away my blank page!!

Nostalgia 2008

I copied this from another forum and I hope you will like it like I did

its realy nice try to understand the meanings of the word one by one


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